I used basic cylinders for the hub caps and then extruded here and there to form the shape. I'm using floaters, hopefully working in the end, to prevent any pinching I would sometimes get if I tried to extrude from one piece. I'm trying to work this out by using more floaters and attaching them at the end. Once all pieces have finally been modeled together, I'll drag and create bolts along the surfaces where they are in the reference. They're smaller details and shouldn't be long to finish. Hopefully, I'll be working on textures for next week. I'm a little behind, but I'll be caught up soon.

I used one entire box, deleting the top first then scaling wider. I deleted half to help symmetry at the end since it's the same on both sides. I think the chains are a bit scaled too small so I'll fix those next. There are a few things under the back, even the front, that I need more references. I'm currently working on the edges, though some are a bit complicated. I probably should've made floaters of the back, but then some textures wouldn't blend so well. It's in process.

I'm mostly fixing edges and then finish the details. After that, I can place them properly. I'll symmetry the bumper as well, but I still need to figure out what the cylindrical piece below has built and welded to it. I'm a little stumped for the engine, but I'll have that finished this week.

This is altogether. I'm running through my old notes for the wheels, which will probably be the harder part of all the pieces. It's been a while since I worked with a shape like a tire. I have some small details, but I think this week will be my push in finishing it now. I'm so close, but not quite there. I think the scaling is ok now, so I just need to start cuts and then work it out.

The inside needs some working, I'm trying to figure out what would be inside it. Last will be bolts and any other small pieces hovering over the outside, I just want to make sure that all of it is right so I don't need to struggle realigning everything. I need to fix the back tire, too. I shelled a lot and began some chamfer and created locking loops.

Here I have used soft selection to create some dents similar to the reference photo. I simply played with the settings till I found the look closest. I first started out small, and then gradually added up to broaden the range to be transformed. I applied some dents in the back and as well in the front where noticeable.

Eventually, to quicken the painting process, I exported piece by piece the truck into individual Max files, painted them, and then gradually merged them back together with all vertex painting. It was fairly quick, as long as I have the look I wanted. Sometimes I'd get duplicates by accident, overlapping each other and ruining the texturing process and raising the poly count. So then I'd just delete them. At this point, I can just click and drag, or apply, my procedural materials on each individual piece.