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GUN 360

Gun Turnaround


Bits of it are still blocked in as this is this weeks progress. I essentially understand the ends, but the center is what gets me. His references were a bit difficult to follow as two of them were low poly game pieces, but I try to reference just as he did. I think I continue to follow his concept piece for the ends, but integrate the center, somehow, from the actual photograph and my own references. It's interesting to be building something entirely new. I've been balancing this gun, the character, the armor, and my previous truck. But in the end, I should have all of it finished in high poly and the character at least textured, while the rest are in process. That would be my guess, but I'll certainly aim for more than that.


The gun is still a bit incomplete, since it was entirely customized. I am refering back to the artist to check for his input as well. I've used what he gave me and other ideas from the Internet for reference.I will need a stand for the center, and a scope, maybe. However, the only one reference given had a scope, the other must have it built inside. I will add the scope for a more effective look.